The Extension of Chasey Kengtse School and Hostel

The new hostel building housing large dining and meeting halls,
offices, and a dormitory was completed in 2011.
The large ground floor room serves as both dining hall and
venue for classes and meetings.

Chasey Kengtse School, which has been of such vital importance for the Bon community as well as for primary and secondary education in South Mustang, has had a further unexpected benefit that is only now becoming apparent. According to local parents, children schooled in Chasey Kengtse have far fewer social problems than those educated in the boarding schools of Kathmandu and India. This unexpected observation further vindicates the decision to establish a school at the heart of the mountain community, and the Kalpa Group will continue in the next decade to provide support for Chasey Kengtse’s pupils and non-government staff. In view of the steady expansion of student numbers as senior classes are progressively added, Kalpa will ensure that adequate space is available by providing new buildings where necessary. Finding high-calibre teachers who are willing to live in such a remote area is a major challenge, but every effort will be made to ensure that Chasey Kengtse offers its pupils the best possible level of education.

By 2011 the number of hostel occupants exceeded 100 (88 students and 13 staff), an amount which could not be accommodated by the original building. A second building was completed in October 2011. Currently, the construction of a wing for showers and toilets is underway and a third hostel building is on the drawing board.